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German dramatist (1813-1863)

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In meinen Ausfuhrungen beziehe ich mich vor allem auf Friedrich Hebbels Bearbeitung des mittelhochdeutschen Epos, entstanden um 1200 (de Boor [v]).
His dramatic trilogy Der Held des Nordens (1808-10; "Hero of the North") is the first modern dramatic treatment of the Nibelung story and a source for the later dramas of Friedrich Hebbel and the operas of Richard Wagner.
1844) A play by Friedrich Hebbel in the tradition of the bourgeois tragedy, which goes back ultimately to Diderot.
Contract notice: Ve 66 decken + taschen, Heizungskeller_sanierung friedrich hebbel school, Wesselburen.
Other noteworthy authors, represented by one play each, are Georg Buchner (Dantons Tod), Friedrich Hebbel (Judith), Johann Nestroy (Judith und Holofernes), Franz Grillparzer (Konig Ottokars Gluck und Ende), and Karl Lebrecht Immermann (Andreas Hofer).
It was Friedrich Hebbel who thought he could safely offer "the crown of Poland" to any reader managing to finish Adalbert Stifter's novel Nachsommer.
Tracing similarities and distinctions between Grillparzer, Heinrich von Kleist, Friedrich Hebbel, Georg Buchner, and the theorists Johann Jakob Bachofen and Friedrich Engels would have added depth to this interesting issue.
Here he is concerned with the anti-modern mentality and the stereotypical images of Jews projected in the writings of Friedrich Hebbel, Ferdinand von Saar, Wilhelm Raabe, and Thomas Mann.
Prior information notice without call for competition: Demolition work Tract B Renovation Friedrich Hebbel Schule, Wesselburen.