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United States economist noted as a proponent of monetarism and for his opposition to government intervention in the economy (born in 1912)

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Although these two facilities greatly expanded the Fed's dealings with investment banks, they occupy the hazy boundary between Friedmanite and Bernankeite interventions.
Norman Bowie also suggests that the rules of ethical custom could place duties on a Friedmanite manager "to not cause avoidable harms, or to honor individual stakeholder rights, or to adhere to the ordinary canons of justice.
Pemberton (1993) makes a similar point and argues that the rational expectations framework cannot be rescued by recourse to a Friedmanite "as-if", argument.
Development theory has largely given way to Friedmanite economics, and the global North seems ever more resistant to the calls for redistribution of wealth that still often emanate from the South.
Yet this behavior resembles less the historic patterns of discrimination against blacks and women than routine intellectual insularity - the likelihood, for example, that Keynesian econometricians will miss the merits of Friedmanite grand theorists (and vice versa).
Just as Professor Naqvi shows great admiration for the welfare implications of Rawls' concepts, he shows contempt for three main lines of thought in modern economics, namely, rational expectations, Friedmanite monetarism, and Laffer curves.
My paper in Economic Inquiry (and the little book of 1986 published by Macmillan, available, cheap, assign it to your students) was 98 percent teaching, Friedmanite.
Despite the vast increase in scope of managerial obligations, a Friedmanite might try to bring stakeholder theory under his or her umbrella.
At the same time, the revival of Keynesian economic policy and eclipse of Friedmanite monetarism, along with state-directed capitalism, have pumped and will pump massive amounts of liquidity into the system, possibly resulting in a surge in inflation, not unhelpful, at least, in the early stages of an upturn in stimulating economic activity.
In a tone that might seem more Naderite than Friedmanite, the authors denounce "the cult of the doctor .
Klein also blames Friedmanite economics for the Iraq war, for the International Monetary Fund's actions during the Asian economic crisis of the late 1990s, and for the Sri Lankan government's confiscation of fishermen's property to build luxury hotels after the deadly tsunami of 2005.
As is painfully obvious From reviewing the mainstream literature in almost any field of economics, there are assuredly more disagreements among Friedmanite positivists about the interpretation of empirical data than among praxeologists about the conclusions of deductive reasoning.
Moreover, even if modern axiomatic economics were to validate itself along Friedmanite lines (which it so far has not done) the doubts and dissatisfactions expressed by Giocoli could still be given a rational voice.
Deliberate acts of Friedmanite capitalism are being committed by the most unlikely figures.
The right is much more clever about all this because, except maybe for economists, no one argues about being a Smithist versus a Friedmanite.