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cheeselike food made of curdled soybean milk

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The other choices - stir fried tofu and chicken with cashew nuts, green beef curry, chicken noodles, yellow pork curry, and special fried rice with prawns - all disappeared quickly.
There are plenty of options: beef, chicken, pork chop, fried tofu, fried pork, salmon teriyaki, shrimp tempura and beef ribs.
70) which was sensational - a huge bowl of soup and noodles, with half a boiled egg surrounded by a colourful array of seaweed, prawn, crabstick, Japanese fish cake, chicken, fried tofu, greensand spring onions.
Inside, you'll find Shay Youngblood's Southern Fried Tofu Alexander, Bebe Moore Campbell's Fast Pasta, Southern Peach Cobbler from Clifton L.
At lunch, deep fried tofu called aburage can be found in the udon/soba noodle dishes.
The other 10 genetically modified products include cornmeal, tofu and fried tofu products, according to the ministry.
Although this works most of the time, 70% of respondents did admit to less-conventional cravings such as fried tofu, turkey burgers, Thai duck, chocolate scones and even goat's milk.
The sticky cranberry and soy sauce fried tofu steaks (PS7) offered generous slices of crispy-coated tofu covered in a sauce packed with all the sweetness and sourness of the berries.
Even fried tofu with vegetables hits 800 to 1,000 calories.
Staib, who says Franklin "stole" the recipe for tofu, referring to it as "early on international espionage," is surprised by how popular the fried tofu dish is on his menu.
Colleges may also want to try offering fried plantains, fried tofu with chili sauce, guacamole, lentil burgers, miso soup, mushroom and barley soup, orzo, portobello sandwiches, Primal vegan jerky strips, pumpkin lasagna, seitan burritos, tempeh, tofu pad Thai, Tofutti products, vegan hot dogs, vegan sausage patties, vegan shepherd's pie, veggie Indian curry, African pilaf, and Asian noodle salad.
The Cornbread Cafe held its grand opening last weekend and is already drawing online raves for dishes such as Southern Fried Tofu, greens, Cajun Fries, Chicken-Free Salad Melt and Phish Tacos.
Focused specifically on appetizers that would embellish any and all dining occasions from elegant dining occasions of celebration to simple family meals, this handy 96-page paperback compendium showcases beautifully illustrated and presented recipes ranging from Cube Steak with Garlic; Fried Tofu with Miso; and Chicken Wings with Freshly Ground Pepper; to Fried Cheese Sticks; Wasabi Butter Beef; and Potato Skins.
In the starter category, perhaps the most bountiful offering is the fried tofu platter ($5.
Bravely, one pal chose to start with fried tofu which came with a chickpea and beetroot salad and horseradish aioli (pounds 4.