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eggs cooked by sauteing in oil or butter

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It's what I grew up calling Bacon Grill, that chopped pork product which came in a can and is the perfect addition to an already tasty brekkie that also includes thick slices of almost gammony bacon, two proper chipolatas, thickly-sliced mushrooms, a fried egg, beans and a hash brown.
It was called self-protection and because anything could happen in the RTE canteen and we had a show that night, to be on the safe side it was two fried eggs.
A plate of pancakes, streaky bacon, fried egg, hash browns, maple syrup and toast is yours for PS7 (you can also have beans but I chose not to).
They said half fried eggs may contain bacterial species such as Salmonella and clostridium Botulinum which cause food poisoning.
Grilled Asparagus with Fried Egg & Chorizo For the Asparagus Ingredients (makes 4) 800-900g asparagus for four people or 6-7 piece, each depending on size Olive oil Sea salt & freshly milled pepper Method Brush the asparagus with oil, season with sea salt and freshly milled pepper and cook on a griddle pan for about one minute on either side or under a grill for about 3 minutes and keep warm.
For the eggs I've stuck with traditional fried eggs but there's nothing to stop you using scrambled or even poached eggs if you like.
Areport by market research company YouGov and bakers Warburtons into the region's breakfast habits revealed 36 per cent of families in Birmingham opted for the healthier choice of boiled eggs and soldiers compared to 25 per cent who favoured fried eggs on toast.
A wife was making a breakfast of fried eggs for her husband.
Breakfast: Waffles, Eggs & Sausages' (41 minutes) is about the importance of a good morning meal and what the kids can do in the family kitchen to make waffles, omelets, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, and poached eggs.
Its gray- green stems grow up to 8 feet in height and its flowers, resembling jumbo fried eggs, reach 9 inches in diameter.
She was very particular and insisted on white bread rather than brown, two runny fried eggs, fat sausages not thin and liked to nip out for a fag before she finished her beans.
Roughly thirty years before Sarah Lucas made Two Fried Eggs and a Kebab, 1992, featured in this British artist's midcareer retrospective, Robert Morris argued for a "literalist" art--devoid of parts--that would deflect anthropomorphic readings.
The agency then developed advertising, direct marketing, a Web site and trade show promotions that utilized everyday images enhanced with the color green to add shock value--for example, a Dalmatian with green spots and fried eggs with green yolks.
During August he travelled 2,257 miles to 10 UK cities and got through 102 rashers of bacon, 84 sausages, 78 fried eggs, 39 servings of baked beans, and 50 rounds of toast.
STRANGE CRAVING Marmite on ice cream, pickles with peanut butter and fried eggs garnished with mint sauce are just some of the strangest foods craved by expectant mums, according to research by mother and baby social networking site gurgle.