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a refrigerator in which the coolant is pumped around by an electric motor

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5m on a fridge de-manufacturing unit imported from Italy, now running at full capacity and capable of taking apart 1,200 old fridges a day.
Yet during a recent monitoring, numbers of fridges found on local industrial estates have been around 40 a week.
Beko fridge freezers made between 2000 and 2006 may be faulty.
Ian Fenwick, his wife Anne and daughter Laura, 15, of Gallows Hill Farm, Cambo, are among locals who have taken delivery of one of the fridges.
A small box developed by the team led by engineer Sam West connects all the fridges in an area electronically.
It will also allow the consumer to shop the fridge with ease and find their desired products.
Until mid July 2004 when one Godfrey Bloom, newly elected MEP for Yorkshire and Humber and member of the UK Independence Party, transformed the fridge from domestic appliance to lethal weapon in the battle of the sexes.
For the larger or should I say `lager' appetites, this 50-litre fridge can hold 18 bottles of wine or 60 cans.
The offer comes from npower, with the energy-saving fridges saving up to pounds 375 in electricity bills during its lifetime and the fridge-freezer saving up to pounds 690.
But the fridges survived and they will be concealed behind the wood panelling of the office's 'storage wall', which also contains shelves and cupboard space.
A Cardiff Council spokesman said a council vehicle would remove the fridges first thing on Saturday morning.
Environment Minister Michael Meacher said the money will be divided between local authorities to help them with the storage, transport and recycling of old fridges between now and next April.
They, after all, sold the fridges in the first place.
Sounds liKe we're going to need more than Flash to sort out virus problems in our fridges.
Old fridges can cost you up to $200 dollars a year to run and emit more than 700 kilos of carbon emissions.