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Synonyms for friction

Synonyms for friction

Synonyms for friction

a state of conflict between persons


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the resistance encountered when one body is moved in contact with another

effort expended in moving one object over another with pressure

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The restoration of equilibrium is subject to planning lags, contractual requirements, and other frictions that inhibit full adjustment to equilibrium within a quarter.
In this example, frictions are not a significant constraint on dynamic adjustment because milk is readily available at a nearby store.
Although diagram 1 is useful in illustrating the difference between rapid adjustment to equilibrium in the absence of frictions and gradual adjustment to equilibrium when frictions are present, it does not directly indicate the way in which expectations of future goals influence dynamic adjustments under frictions.
Diagram 2 presents the intertemporal planning perspective of a profit-maximizing firm for which frictions are important constraints on actions.
Although in principle firms plan over an infinite future, the effective length of the planning period is determined by the extent of the frictions associated with the firm's actions.
INTENDED AUDIENCE The potential audience for this study includes marketing executives, business unit managers, and other decision-makers for friction products and materials companies.
SCOPE OF REPORT The scope of this report is comprehensive, covering the present status of and future prospects for original equipment (OE)/aftermarket friction materials and products in North America (i.
In addition to various friction materials and products, the report also covers the many issues concerning the merits and future prospects of the business, including corporate strategies, technologies, and the means for providing these products and service offerings.
INFORMATION SOURCES Initially, a comprehensive and exhaustive search of the literature on friction materials and products was conducted.
REPORT HIGHLIGHTS The global friction products and materials market reached nearly $14.
The coefficient of rubber friction (f) may be defined as:
De facto standard engineering equation for rubber friction forces
The present de facto standard engineering equation applicable to rubber friction calculations for dry conditions formulated by Kummer (ref.
Hb] = friction contribution from bulk deformation of the elastomer; and
2) 2008 literature review and analysis of rubber friction research went beyond the coefficient approach by focusing on the individual forces expressed in equation 2.