coefficient of friction

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the ratio of the weight of an object being moved along a surface and the force that maintains contact between the object and the surface

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The use of a longer pitch increases the cross-channel force and in turn increases the frictional coefficient of the solids against the screw surface.
The final calculations are carried out with Equations 13 (Gosney) and 15 (Blasius), which take into account the tube diameter, flow length, frictional coefficient, etc.
The airport runway frictional coefficient is one of the most important factors which affects the safety of airplane's landings and take-offs under various weather conditions, for example, the rain or snow.
As mentioned earlier, calculating frictional coefficient in area of mixed lubrication requires knowledge of contact surfaces boundary frictional coefficient.
9), (10), using small loadings of zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles (<1 wt%) in a PC matrix reduces both the wear rate and frictional coefficient of the PC.
By comparison with the four samples, one concludes that the average frictional coefficient and specific wear rate of PA66/SEBS-g-MA binary composite are lowest under the same conditions.
Ultimately, the frictional coefficient [mu] can be defined by the following:
However, in the use for actual industrial products, PA shows high frictional coefficient in dry sliding conditions and is seldom used alone.
Some researchers studied the effect of reduction [11], width spread [12], and frictional coefficient [13] on the distribution of temperature, stress, and separating force using the frictional shear stress model.
For the most effective breaking the brake slippers must be made from two different materials with different hardness to secure sufficient frictional coefficient during the braking on dry way and on sloppy way as well.
This would have been suggested when taking into account the large increase in frictional coefficient upon weathering of this technology, along with the dramatic change in mechanical properties, particularly the increased elastic modulus of the "P" AP/BC/CC system.
The simplified dynamic analyses based on the Newmark sliding block concept are widely used for preliminary designs of quay walls because they can easily evaluate the wall displacement by using basic design parameters such as the weight of the wall, the internal friction angle of the backfill, and the frictional coefficient at the bottom of the wall.
b] are the frictional coefficients between the material and the surface of the rotor, the surface of the stator, and the surface of the baffles, respectively.