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(Norse mythology) goddess of love and fecundity


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Heather and Freya said: "We had the best time fundraising and are extremely grateful to everybody who contributed to this great charity.
Freya was finally able to return home to Holmes Chapel in June.
Ms Jones said: "Working with DIT has allowed me to go abroad with Freya Lillie.
Born premature and suffering from a disease called CHARGE, Freya has relied on an artificial tube in her windpipe since she was a tiny baby.
The play, Mushy Peas and Battered Bits, was created specially by Freya for Jude Law to perform with the Young Lyric actor Tienne Simon.
The former One Direction singer, 23, dedicated a performance of his song Sign of the Times to Freya Lewis while filming his BBC concert special on August 30.
Freya's sister, Georgia Lewis, told Us Weekly magazine: "[Harry] said he was dedicating [the song] to his friend Freya.
Freya trains once a week at Huddersfield Cobras Freestyle Karate Club in Meltham.
They go back to ancient China," Freya, 45, explained.
Freya has also been sedated as part of her recovery.
Freya particularly enjoys singing, nursery rhymes, playing with Play-Doh and Katherine says she's a very girly girl.
com)-- Author Freya Barker is pleased to announce the release of her new contemporary romance novel, Cruel Water.
Rachel Harry is now learning to walk, talk and eat again thanks to inspirational Freya in an astonishing role reversal.
Miraculously, the 33-year-old has managed all these life skills simply by copying her inspirational little girl Freya.