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Austrian neurologist who originated psychoanalysis (1856-1939)

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Given his linguistic background, Freud presumably could have spoken in English at Clark.
Nonetheless, Freud delivered his lectures at Clark in German.
Although Freud was in his 50s by the time he spoke at Clark University, psychoanalysis was still in its infancy.
Leir Chair in Foreign Languages and Cultures at Clark University and coordinator of the Global Freud research symposium on Nov.
Freud (Harris Yulin), whom Jung has admired from afar but has never met.
The play builds toward a series of mini climaxes - Jung and Sabina's union, Freud and Jung's break, Jung and Sabina's break.
Yulin eschews all the cliches, making Freud an often insecure man who will fight and grasp to retain his place in history.
Harris Yulin, as Sigmund Freud, and Abby Brammell, as Sabina Spielrein, star in ``The Talking Cure'' at the Mark Taper Forum.
Sophie Freud, granddaughter of Sigmund, is coming to Clark.
Freud will be joined by leaders in contemporary psychology for the series, called "Great Minds Come to Clark - Freud Revisited," which runs Oct.
Sigmund Freud and his son, Sophie Freud's father, went to England.
Freud took his friend Blair's side and Elisabeth got caught in the crossfire.
Said's lecture ends by characterizing Freud as representative of a line of modern thought traced by Isaac Deutscher through the "non-Jewish Jews" Spinoza, Marx, Heine, and Freud that stresses a dialectical relationship with reality, not a static one, and a relativistic view of human values that still upholds the basic solidarity of humanity as a whole.
In the final paragraphs, Freud emerges as a kind of cosmopolitan hero, one who was able to contemplate the scary notion that
I propose here to examine Said's invocation of Freud as a kind of limit-case for his rapprochement of scholarship with real-world concerns.