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a person who follows the basic theories or practices of Sigmund Freud

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In Freudian language, they will not deal with the "manifest" issues but go hunting for the "latent" motivations they suppose you to have.
In Freud and the Bolsheviks, Miller sets forth in readable prose the birth, death, and resurrection of Freudian theory in Russia.
The history of Freudian ideas and of psychoanalysis in Soviet Russia follows the now well-known pattern that appears in philosophy and art: initial government approval, then harsh denunciation as Stalin consolidated his power, and finally limited rehabilitation in the Gorbachev era.
The irony, of course, is that psychoanalysts largely ignored Adorno and Marcuse, and few contemporary Freudians would defend the orthodox instinct theory that Adorno and Marcuse were so insistent on preserving.
He could not help but notice that Freudians were growing in influence in America and were also a European import looking for legitimation and allies.
In the second lecture, on Freud, a sharp distinction was made between Freudian therapy and Freud's various theories.
Also, he accepted the Oedipus theory and other Freudian mistakes.
reveals how Freudian theory permeates American thought through underlying assumptions in our language.
Professors taught Freud and universities even gave extra credit to students who underwent Freudian psychoanalysis.
Lisa Lindquist had been operating Freudian Slip on Pearl Street, not far from the market, for 10 years.
Freudian Slip held a soft opening Tuesday in Suite 11, a space formerly occupied by Due Donne, a clothing and shoe boutique.
Rather, he would like to complement mainstream organizational explanations of organizational behaviour with a Freudian interpretation.
I must admit at the outset that I was fairly sceptical of a Freudian interpretation of anything, especially of organizational behaviour.
poems which metaphorize the Surrealist quest), meta is not an invitation to some kind of Freudian extrapolation.
have two words for local procrastinators: Freudian Slip.