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that part of the mind wherein psychic activity takes place of which the person is unaware

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The Subversion of the Subject and the Dialectic of Desire in the Freudian Unconscious.
The result is that in reading this, we travel from thoughts on oral tradition through to the complexities of trying to describe the variant forms that writers have used, particularly when Modernism at first appeared to have stolen the show and there was perhaps little more to do after the discovery and use of the Freudian unconscious.
What I mean to highlight is that although Lacan has of course been subjected to as myriad readings as is humanly imaginable, it is remarkable how often it is forgotten that his work makes the best sense if understood as a clinical practice based on a return to the Freudian Unconscious.
The Freudian unconscious appeared along with such inventions as the typewriter, film, the moving-picture camera, and the first mass daily newspapers read by both men and women.
Diane O'Donoghue, "Sites of Dispacement: Visualities of the Freudian Unconscious," paper delivered at the CIHA, Montreal, Canada, August 2004.
As the metaphor of the "hidden continent" suggests, Jay treats the phenomena of visuality in terms reminiscent of the Freudian unconscious, as a terrain of ambivalence, an ensemble of forces to be contained or censored, an alien species to be "denigrated.