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Austrian neurologist who originated psychoanalysis (1856-1939)


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As in Freudian theory, Kohlberg assumes that children do not, and cannot, have the capacity for higher-level moral thinking or action.
To begin with, because most social work practitioners are not as concerned about Freudian theory as Saari is, and operate on the basis of more holistic models, I doubt that her view of a rift between intrapsychic and social theories is widely shared.
Freudian theory might still be useful in decoding this belief, but certainly not the one that Dundes prefers.
Her analyses of Wagner's characters--and of his family--depend heavily on Freudian theory.
Psychoanalysts merged Freudian theory with Hindu conceptualizations to forge an alternative to the prescribed identity of the middle-class educated Babu.
The psychiatric architects of NIMH had all been trained in Freudian theory and believed that there was a continuum between mental health and mental illness.
Finally, the appeal of primitivism found promotion through the misinterpretation of Freudian theory.
If the self doesn't experience itself in immediate self-proximity but instead realizes things about itself only belatedly, as the Freudian theory suggests, the implications for subjectivity are significant.
This might be because traditional Freudian theory teaches that a desire to avoid childbearing represents a woman's denial of her basic feminine nature.
One is the scrutiny and revision that Freudian theory has received in recent years, especially from feminist neo-Lacanians, while other topics include literary responses to dictatorship, lesbianism, the Psyche metaphor developed throughout the book, exile writing, and the need to transform theories of U.
With interviews entitled "Rebirth through the wound", "Tribal Wisdom", and "Reinventing Ourselves", this thought-provoking book takes us through an exploration of many aspects of gay life, from one man's rethinking of Freudian theory (gay men play out in their relationships what remains unfinished from their relationships with their fathers during childhood) to a perspective on S/M play which considers it a vehicle to profound cathartic experiences.
The profile, later published as a book, described Masson's dismissal as head of the Freud Archives in London for challenging some of the tenets of orthodox Freudian theory.
reveals how Freudian theory permeates American thought through underlying assumptions in our language.
Employing Freudian theory, Mary Douglas's theory of the body politic, and Barthes semiotics, Ofek mines the rich field of Victorian imagery to reveal how artists and authors consciously portrayed hair and its decoration to lay stress on the meanings of female identity, including sexuality, domestic virtue, and class distinctions.
People operate on Freudian theory in almost everything they do and they're completely unaware of it.