Freudian psychology

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the psychological theories of Sigmund Freud

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Inoue's discussion of Freudian psychology serves as a good example of the methodology used throughout the book (Inoue, 2012, p.
Articles look at reflections of Medea in law, Freudian psychology, advertising and even her name given to a gene which, in beetles, aborts unwanted offspring.
A marketing agent's dream, she is studying for a finance degree by correspondence, and has openly admitted her idea of fun is to read Freudian psychology, proving her intelligence is not limited to the court.
Those who believe in it say the therapy is rooted in respected Freudian psychology.
Many of the chief conceptual elements in both Marxist sociology and Freudian psychology have been massively disconfirmed in subsequent empirical research.
The dialog and ideas are sophisticated, however, and at least some familiarity with Freudian psychology is advisable.
This happened when the medical establishment embraced Freudian psychology as an explanation of human behavior.
Much of the authors' explanation rests on the prevalence of Freudian psychology that, according to the authors, 'has become, for us, like water to the fishes'.
Support for the perspective proposed by Freudian psychology is found among the sample of clergymen.