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Austrian neurologist who originated psychoanalysis (1856-1939)

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Recall again what Freud says of his internal enemy: "I shall
Among Edward Said's last works is the text of a lecture he delivered at the invitation of the Freud Museum in London on the topic of "Freud and the Non-European.
Her father, who died in 2011, told her, " 'There's this awful, dreary place where I had to go in my childhood, but maybe you'd like to go there,' '' Freud recalled.
May I remind 'Lord' Freud, that the disabled are worth much, much more than the minimum wage for WE, the disabled are overcoming/ have overcome MUCH more than the pompous Lord Freud will ever achieve.
But the PM has resisted calls to fire gaffe-prone Lord Freud from his job in charge of welfare reform.
Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Rachel Reeves said it was "unacceptable" for Freud to remain in his post.
If Lord Freud thinks they are worth less than the minimum wage, you can bet more Tory ministers think the same way.
In Freud biographies he's usually dismissed as a crackpot.
Freud and the Scene of Trauma is a recommendation for any collection strong in psychoanalysis and psychology, and even for those college-level readers of literature and philosophy, and argues that Freud's approach to trauma is central to his clinical psychology and his construction of concepts to explain scenes of trauma in his patients.
Drawing on Freud's letters to friend and confidant Wilhelm Fliess and his writings (particularly the "dream of Irma's injection"), he traces his early career as a medical student, researcher, and neurologist, then as a psychotherapist, focusing on the period of 1895 to 1900, when Freud participated in self-analysis and developed his psychoanalytic theory.
Considered by Freud to be among his best-ever works, and from a pivotal moment in his career, the painting depicts Lady Lambton - an extraordinary woman and a key figure in the artist's life for over 25 years
The development of this position hardly begins with Freud, for he only extended a long philosophical tradition, which began with the earliest revolt against modernism, but he is most closely linked to its present standing.
Summary: Lucian Freud did not live to see the first exhibition of his paintings in Vienna, the city his grandfather Sigmund fled in 1938, but he helped plan the retrospective that opens this week.
But for Kate Moss, one tattoo could be worth more than $1 million because it was inked by Lucian Freud.
But a drawing of a dead chicken by one of the 20th century's most celebrated UK artists Lucian Freud is expected to fetch up to PS600,000 at auction on Friday.