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a city in south central California in the San Joaquin Valley

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The Fort s management team collaborated on the design of the system with Matson Alarm Company, also located in Fresno, California, who delivered the installation.
The new contract that Lumina HealthCare has signed with North Point Healthcare and Wellness Center will ensure that the Fresno, California nursing facility's patients are treated with effective and cutting edge dental techniques.
To accompany the 2013 Cordilleran Section meeting of the Geological Society of America in Fresno, California, seven field trips span the breadth of the geology of central California.
John Arlo, Andres Sheats and Alex Guzman have been named business development managers, Southern California region; Garrett Burke and Thomas Robb have been named business development managers, California region; Ralph Durbin has been named business development manager, Los Angeles region; Kristine Ringrose has been named business development manager, San Rafael, California, region; David Roberts has been named business development manager, Oceanside, California, region; Charles Smith has been named business development manager, Fresno, California, region; and Amy Salak has been named business development manager, Ventura, California, region, for the Wholesale Lending Sales Division of IndyMac Bancorp Inc.
Angel had heard that the Chaffee zoo in Fresno, California, didn't have enough money for necessary repairs.
The procedures were conducted in Fresno, California, which lies in a region known to have some of the highest ambient particle concentrations in the United States, particularly in the P[M.
In the lawsuit, filed in Fresno, California, Carolyn Condit said the Star magazine knowingly published falsehoods in a September 11, 2001, cover story, including claims that she threatened to kill herself, trashed the family house and sought counselling.
On August 5th of last year in Fresno, California, Ethiopian immigrant Ambare Kidane, 44, became embroiled in an argument with Ardeen Purnell, 29, a brother-in-law of one of his former wives.
Kawata, originally from Fresno, California, served as a professor of medicine at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) from 1993 and helped to develop UCLA's heart transplant program.
Howe, age 94, camp owner/director, died July 27, 2001, in Fresno, California.
The once-rural city of Fresno, California takes in an additional $56 million in yearly revenues as a result of doubling in size since 1980, but the cost of annual services has risen $123 million in the same period.
Her five aunts comprised a gospel singing group, The McDonald Sisters, based in Fresno, California, where she was raised.
Try again: It's a routine night in Fresno, California.
The Mexican cola has been around for years dating back to when a Fresno, California family registered the formula and the name Mexicola.
I never gave caves a thought until I explored one in King's Canyon National Park outside Fresno, California, with a college outing club.