Augustin Jean Fresnel

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French physicist who invented polarized light and invented the Fresnel lens (1788-1827)


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There is limited (2b) evidence (Rossi, Kheyfets, & Reding, 1990) that treatment with a 15-diopter Fresnel prism is associated with an increase in visual perception scores (but not activities of daily living) in stroke patients with homonymous hemianopia and visual neglect.
Professionals notified the each day News that Clinton potential has a Fresnel prism put on her glasses.
Fresnel prisms can be easily applied to the front surface of the spectacle lenses.
Another new feature is the ability to write Fresnel lenses with any curvature and Fresnel prisms, popular today for both security and packaging applications.
The Fresnel prisms could focus the rays of such a lamp into a beam of 80,000 candlepower.