Fresnel lens

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lens composed of a number of small lenses arranged to make a lightweight lens of large diameter and short focal length

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Each individual concentrator consists of a smaller Fresnel lens with a lot shorter fcal length monted on a pivoting frame to allow for sun tracking.
The screen system, which consists of a Fresnel lens and an imaging screen, is a critical component of the desktop rear-projection monitor.
His invention, called the Fresnel lens, was put into lighthouses all over the world.
Markus Osterhoff said that instead of a common lens, they used a so-called Fresnel lens which consists of several layers.
And thanks to the support and assistance from CPV industry chain (CPV companies Solar cell companies tracker Fresnel Lens suppliers government related agencies etc) related experts and enterprises during QYResearch Team survey and interview.
The rusted and deteriorating architectural metal work in the lantern room, where the Fresnel lens magnifies a 1,000-watt bulb 21 miles out to sea, will be restored and replaced as necessary.
The other answer is a special mirror called a Fresnel lens which vehicle agency VOSA plans to hand out free of charge to foreign truckers at Holyhead and Ewloe.
Each detector covers a 35 X 35-foot area and features a reliable Fresnel lens design.
Controlled by an electrical timer, the beam of light comes from her original Fresnel lens and is visible from 13 miles away.
engineers check out a component of the Improved Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System, designed and developed by NAVAIR Lakehurst.
The arresting gear, fresnel lens, and paddles radios have all been set tier a Tomcat on channel A.
They spent several minutes looking at each other through a so-called Fresnel lens.
This includes a Fresnel lens of cut glass, handmade in Paris in 1895.
Climb up the spiral staircase for a close look at the sparkling facets of the 12-foot-tall first-order Fresnel lens.
This unique alliance will produce silicone-on-glass (SOG) Fresnel lens plates, a key component used in Soitec's CPV modules.