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a native or inhabitant of Friesland or Frisia

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a West Germanic language spoken in Friesland in the northwestern Netherlands

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He has no thoroughbred in him at all, he is a Fresian cross cob.
Gerry Fulcher of the Mark Evans Road Coach Team with fresian stallions.
All the milk used in its products come from the four farmers, and is produced from a mixture of Fresian and Jersey breeds.
Rocky, a 12-year-old Fresian cross, could be heard two fields away and kept staff awake every night at the farm where he lives.
The Holstein Fresian bull escaped as it was being unloaded from a truck at the abattoir in Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire.
Full of zest (and Cidermaster) we went on a mission to find a cashpoint with view to betting our way to a fortune on the cricket, and along the way we were stunned to find a herd of gigantic Fresian cows nesting in a small barn on the fringes of the town centre.
Superlambanana, now based in Tithebarn Street, fell victim to mystery pranksters two years ago, when the landmark statue was painted like a Fresian cow
A friend rescued the unconscious 40-year-old from beneath a Fresian bull calf on the night of October 26, 2000.
Mary Bond, 66, of Mettingham, Suffolk, said she was amazed to see the Fresian standing quietly in the shallow end, apparently unconcerned by its inability to climb out.
Carriage, Fresian and draft horses will show all day, with singing impressionist Johnny Counterfeit providing the evening entertainment.
A note on the effect of castration on the growth performance and concentrations of some blood metabolites and hormones in British Fresian male cattle.
Fresian Holstein oedd y gwartheg yn bennaf, ac felly yn rhai caled iawn.
Dear Editor, While much of the country is in turmoil, without power or drinking water, a few dozen policemen had to be drafted in to deal with a Hindu community at Skanda Vale, Llanpumsaint, West Wales, because they were fighting to save their sacred six-year-old fresian, that had been diagnosed with bovine TB.
A row about the future of the six-year-old Fresian, who tested positive for bovine tuberculosis three months ago, reached a climax yesterday when officials entered the Skanda Vale community in Llanpumsaint, west Wales.
Holstein Fresian Maiden Heifer 1 J and S Dickinson, 2 M Richardson, 3 J Midgeley.