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the length of time a packaged food or drug will last without deteriorating

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In that respect, we already have freshness dating, and if you own older tires, it might play a role in tire replacement -- as important as treadwear," Brown said.
Now that the big guys are doing freshness dating, will that make things tougher for small brewers that don't?
The IBS endorsement reads: "The Institute of Brewing Studies, as a non-profit educational association, supports the use of consumer readable freshness dating within the craft-brewing industry and is committed to disseminating information on how to achieve industry-wide participation.
Since Koch is one of the few to embrace legible freshness dating, the campaign is somewhat double-edged, serving as it does to differentiate Koch's products.
Samuel Adams will ask for Freshness Dating, Point of Origin, and a Legal
On the diet cola front, Diet Pepsi's Freshness Dating initiative sparked renewed consumer interest in diet sodas, reversing years of flat sales for the entire category.
The service features freshness dating and utilises a relevancy ranking technology that lists the most likely selections at the top of a results page.
There are also "ridiculous international opportunities" for expansion, Burns added, since European Law regulates freshness dating and traceability.
The bill does not affect state authority in several areas that are traditional local food enforcement matters: freshness dating, open date labeling, grade labeling, state inspection stamp, religious dietary labeling, organic or natural designation, returnable bottle labeling, unit pricing, and statement of geographic origin.
has taken freshness dating front-and-center with Stone Enjoy By IPA, and is expanding the brand into new markets.
The addition of our patent-pending freshness dating capability and our industry-leading privacy procedures represent a substantial step forward for the search industry, and a real benefit to our users," said Matt Wells, CEO and Founder of Gigablast, Inc.
Daydots customizes on-package freshness dating systems, and Professional Products offers floor care systems, including the new Bright FX(TM) High Performance Retail Floor Care System.
Koch introduced the concept of readable freshness dating on all Samuel Adams bottles.