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the length of time a packaged food or drug will last without deteriorating

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In this research, we show that merely owning a product past its freshness date provides enough reason for people to be willing to consume such expired products.
Undeterred, Boston Beer has launched a counter-complaint suggesting that other companies add freshness dates to their packages, among other things.
I'll carry a beer to its freshness date and then I'll get rid of it," agreed Louis Mulone, beer manager for Busa Wine & Spirits, Warwick, RI.
The company's Freshness and Traceability Coding Service addresses these concerns by providing the only method accepted by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for applying permanent, tamperproof freshness dates and traceability codes to eggshells.
Some of these are item priced along with their freshness date.
We feel that our beers have a five-month shelf life," Dinehart adds, "and we put a freshness date on them that says best before'.
Almost every sizeable world brewer stamps a freshness date on packages of beer, but few until now have bothered to make these codes decipherable for consumers.
Those specific packages have a freshness date of June 4 and a nine-digit code number of 319309350.
82% agree that "As long as supermarkets are selling food for home consumption, they should freshness date everything.
If the freshness date is there, it's so small that it's hard to read.
Unlike most baked goods that are donated, Share America bread is freshly baked -- not bread that is past freshness date -- and allocation is based on need.
With the introduction of its no mercury added battery, Duracell adds another item to its list of innovations, including the Copper Top(TM) Tester, time- and cost-saving multipacks and saver packs, and on-cell and on-package freshness date coding.
KUWAIT, May 1 (KUNA) -- Over one ton of spoiled food with expired freshness dates was seized at a storage warehouse in the Al-Rayye district, announced here on Friday the Kuwait Municipality.
We are fine with there being quality or freshness dates as long as it is clearly communicated to consumers, and they are educated about what that means," Leib said.
Deter made a point of displaying freshness dates on his kegs.