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Synonyms for freshman



Synonyms for freshman

Synonyms for freshman

a first-year undergraduate

used of a person in the first year of an experience (especially in United States high school or college)

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Kevin Kucera, associate vice president of enrollment management at EMU, noted that entering freshmen and their parents often reference Eastern Michigan's high quality academic programs and facilities, combined with an affordable tuition rate, as significant factors in their selection of Eastern.
It is also good for the university, which can take a look at the Level of achievement of incoming freshmen, and continually assess and improve its programs as they evaluate those results, she says.
The university is also implementing a program this summer that allows incoming freshmen to visit an online "virtual room" to link up with roommates, get a head-start on summer readings and fire up their UD e-mail accounts.
Until now, incoming freshmen got a short written description of each dorm from the college.
The Trojans will hold an early workout for the freshmen this morning at Howard Jones Field before the veterans practice in the afternoon.
This fall, all incoming 2003 freshmen arrived with laptops in hand and e-Learning was rolled out to the 20 or so freshman courses with multiple sections.
Vizents and fellow freshmen Sonia Landeros and Sarah Cook combined to win seven sets in Thursday's Pacific View League victory over Oxnard.
This year's freshmen don't grow up as quickly as last year's.
Through an educational partnership with SAS, UA is addressing that challenge with a student retention model that identifies freshmen students at risk of dropping out and provides results early enough for university officials to intervene.
However, after high school, non-college attending adults binge drink at a rate of 34 percent, compared to 42 percent for college freshmen.
The freshmen blamed Newt Gingrich for losing his nerve, and the Speaker in turn threatened no fewer than four times to resign during those rocky months if the unruly freshmen did not fall into line.
In a roundabout way, Armey was admitting that he and other House opponents of the wage hike were rolled: by Speaker Newt Gingrich, who argued that he would not stand in the way of a policy supported by 80 percent of the public; by nine Republican committee chairmen who voted for the hike; and, most surprisingly, by a disturbing number of the supposedly radical freshmen and sophomores, who provided 46 of the 93 Republican votes in favor of a higher minimum wage.