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water that is not salty

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Two of the three primary fresh-water aquifers in Israel and Palestine lie under the West Bank: the Eastern Basin and the Northeastern Basin.
Expand wastewater recycling -- Urban areas typically dispose of about 85 per cent of their fresh-water intake as wastewater, often in neighbouring water bodies.
Element Four is Ritchey and Howard's answer--a company devoted to easing the global fresh-water shortage.
A new system that treats, filters, and conserves water in fresh-water fish tanks has been developed by an Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientist and is being used at an ARS research facility in West Virginia.
The facility uses recycled wastewater from two paper machines to feed a third, reducing that machine's fresh-water requirement by 500,000+ gallons/day.
THE Rugby Evening Telegraph has teamed up with Goldsmiths, the quality jewellers in Rugby, to offer one lucky reader the chance of winning a beautiful cultured fresh-water pearl necklace, bracelet and earring set worth pounds 150.
Marie company took its 600 million litres and exported it to Asia in large cargo ships as planned, the deal would set off a flood of fresh-water exports and threaten the safety of the Great Lakes.