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a radioactive element of the alkali-metal group discovered as a disintegration product of actinium

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The patient-oriented sites had a significantly higher mean FRES and a significantly lower mean FKGL score (p = 0.
Most of the battalion staff functioned normally; however, the SPO shop had to reorganize in order to provide specific oversight of RSYs, FREs, MRTs, base closure and assistance teams, mobile container assistance teams, MED RSTs, OACS, customs, and ammunition abatement teams.
This research applied the widely adopted two measurements: FRES and FKGL, which were introduced in the Review of the Literature.
With research showing that package appearance is increasingly affecting the purchasing decision, we believe the high-definition graphics and gourmet perception of the Fres Bag offers a tremendous visual presence that will really jump off the shelves - especially in a club store environment,” explains Burger.
The Fres Scout contract builds on the "rip out and refit" work the company has performed over the last decade on the army's entire 13,500-vehicle fleet to upgrade communications, fire control, sensors, radar and electro-optics.
It maintains the progress of the FRES programme, which is at the heart of the British army's equipment programme and ismy highest priority after support to operations.
Fetter stressed that it's too early to try to figure out what FRES will look like.
Fres was born out of the Applewood research which indicated there was room for a low alcohol cider in a single serve bottle.
By disposing of materiel at the FREs, the Army saved approximately $2,000 per 20-foot container in transportation costs from the FRE to the RSY.
Ruslan Chagaev of Uzbekistan, who returned his title of WBA Regular Champion after a match against Fres Oquendo, underlined that he did not change his citizenship despite the rumors appeared.
Compared to cans, and even other bags, our Fres Bag has a lot of benefits," explains Chris Burger, Coffee Market Manager at Fres-co.
DAVID HAYE'S sparring partner Fres Oquendo will fight in Prizefighter International Heavyweights on May 7 at London's Alexandra Palace - after the Hayemaker recommended him to promoter Eddie Hearn.
The closure comes after the government awarded the contract to build the FRES Scout vehicle to General Dynamics.
I WOULD like the opportunity to respond to David Clelland MP (The Journal, March 26) in his attempt to deflect the blame to BAE Systems for the Government's flawed decision to award the FRES contract to General Dynamics of the USA.
BAE confirmed yesterday that 217 of the 650 workers at its Scotswood Road site in Newcastle will be axed after losing out on the pounds 1bn contract to build the Fres Scout vehicles to General Dynamics.