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a radioactive element of the alkali-metal group discovered as a disintegration product of actinium

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These yards not only managed all the materiel sent from the MRTs and FREs but also from the units assigned to the base.
8220;Compared to cans, and even other bags, our Fres Bag has a lot of benefits,” explains Chris Burger, Coffee Market Manager at Fres-co.
Lockheed Martin UK has been selected as one of the only UK-based companies with the knowledge, skills and experience to integrate the 40mm Case Telescopic Weapon System, mandated as the cannon system for FRES SV and the Warrior Lethality uplift programmes.
General SirRichardDannatt, Chief of the General Staff, said: "The provisional selection of PiranhaV as the FRES utility vehicle design heralds the start ofanewerafor the armyin terms of capability.
Fetter stressed that it's too early to try to figure out what FRES will look like.
Fres was born out of the Applewood research which indicated there was room for a low alcohol cider in a single serve bottle.
By disposing of materiel at the FREs, the Army saved approximately $2,000 per 20-foot container in transportation costs from the FRE to the RSY.
Compared to cans, and even other bags, our Fres Bag has a lot of benefits," explains Chris Burger, Coffee Market Manager at Fres-co.
I WOULD like the opportunity to respond to David Clelland MP (The Journal, March 26) in his attempt to deflect the blame to BAE Systems for the Government's flawed decision to award the FRES contract to General Dynamics of the USA.
BAE is hoping to secure the FRES Scout armoured vehicle contract and win a bid to refit the Warrior vehicles.
The MoD is reviewing all its major equipment programmes, including the Royal Navy's two planned new aircraft carriers, the Army's new family of armoured vehicles known as Fres (Future Rapid Effects System), and the replacement for the Lynx helicopter.
Two more FRES contracts which General Dynamics are also in the running for, both worth around pounds 6bn, have yet to be awarded.
DEFENCE manufacturers in the North-east have moved into a prime position to win work on the Ministry of Defence's pounds 16bn FRES military vehicle programme.
Analysts say most of the spending in FRES would go for support and upgrades needed over the course of decades of service - the kind of value-added work BAE focuses on.
FRES is a 16bn pounds Sterling programme to provide the next generation of Armoured Fighting Vehicles to the British Army, and has a through life value of 60bn pounds.