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Alliance's ASM3P2779 is a low-power, versatile spread spectrum frequency modulator specifically designed for the mobile market and targets PDAs, cell phones, portable MP3 players, notebooks, as well as video and imaging applications.
Alliance's AS80M2516A is a versatile spread spectrum frequency modulator designed specifically for a wide range of clock frequencies.
An integrated high frequency modulator (HFM) oscillator is programmable to 100 milliamps peak-to-peak from 200 MHz to 500 MHz.
Each device in the EL683X family features dual output stages, one read and four write channels, and two on-chip 600 Megahertz high frequency modulator (HFM) oscillators that allow frequency and amplitude control by use of external resistors to ground.
Additional contributions to system bill-of-materials costs come from an integrated radio frequency modulator, voltage controlled crystal oscillator, system clock generation and digital video broadcast (DVB) common interface module controller, significantly reducing the number of external components that are required.
To improve read-accuracy, the EL6146C integrates a 500MHz high frequency modulator (HFM) oscillator that reduces laser noise in the optical pick-up unit (OPU) virtually eliminating data drop off during that cycle.
The integrated 500MHz high frequency modulator (HFM) oscillator reduces laser noise by increasing the signal to noise ratio (SNR), which improves the accuracy of the optical pick-up unit (OPU) during the read cycle.
The EL6216C integrates an automatic power control (APC) amplifier and a 500MHz high frequency modulator (HFM) oscillator along with the three current channels needed for compliance with the Orange Specification Standard for CD-R and CD-R/W write strategy formats.
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