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a bar chart representing a frequency distribution

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On based frequency histogram of the element is chromium maximum amount 2239 ppm associated with peridotite rocks(Fig.
Frequency histograms are more adequate in compressing large data set to provide better visual clue on natural groupings than frequency tables.
Kumar (2004) advocates replacing traditional legends with a frequency histogram legend (FHL).
Results: The distribution frequency histogram of CYP2D6 metabolic ratios (MRs) showed a bimodal distribution with a gap between the metabolic ratios of 0.
This hypothesis was confirmed when, in the presence of--AR blockade, increasing concentrations of NE caused a monophasic decrease in frequency of these events (see frequency histogram right).
System output includes a table summarizing results for each cost component and net present worth, frequency histogram for NPW and the probability of NPW being less than some specified value.
Different approaches have been followed to incorporate statistical information in the choropleth map, including the use of a number line, statistical parameters, and a frequency histogram in addition to a traditional legend.
The recent book includes 24 accounts that were not in AF98, covers a larger range of sizes of each species, includes a great amount of new data (for example, length frequency histograms for bay anchovy in the new book are based on over 400,000 specimens, in comparison to 14,000 in AF98), and presents temporal trend information.
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