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Synonyms for Freyja

(Norse mythology) goddess of love and fecundity


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of ealles cynnes [eth]ingae swa full 7 swa for[eth] 7 swa freo swa Tosti eorll 7 Leofrun his wif min fostermoder hit firmest ahten/7 [eth]ider inn becwae[eth]en on ece yrf[eth]e.
Getty Family Trusts to offer expanded real estate investment opportunities to significant individual investors, and with FREO GmbH of Bad Homburg, Germany, the real estate investment affiliate of FERI Finance AG, to target investment in North American real estate assets and develop strategic relationships with selected U.
We skirted Perth to Fremantle, or Freo, as the locals call it, coincidentally the first place I ever set foot on Australian soil, as the ship we emigrated out from Ireland on in 1972 stopped there as its first port of call.
I was so terrified of missing the ship, I downed it almost in one, giving myself the most incredible brain-freeze, and staggered back on board, so Freo has a very fond place in my memories.
Known as Freo, is Perth-on-Sea, a thriving port with some good beaches.