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make French in appearance or character

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become French in appearance or character

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Marie de l'Incarnation, the Ursuline Mother Superior in charge of converting many of these women, noted that "[i]t [was] a very difficult thing, not to say impossible to Frenchify or civilize [Indian girls].
Confronted with the ethnic and linguistic and religious diversity of l'Hexagone, a series of French rulers attempted to Frenchify and nationalize the Bretons and Normans in the north and the more Latin peoples of Languedoc, but they also had to suppress first the Albigenses and then the Huguenots.
There was no deliberate attempt to Frenchify the show.
Here was a woman of modest attainments, who put up with a frightful amount from her philandering husband and supplied a veneer of culture over his presidency, but whose personal motto, finally, might have been--what the hell, let's Frenchify it--Je vais pour l'argent: I go for the money.
Astract: This article is devoted to the first attempts to frenchify the Amerindians and to teach them to read and write during the French Regime.