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make French in appearance or character

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become French in appearance or character

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Or Frenchified his dead German guest, not with tongue but with cheek, cheek, cheek.
Elizabeth has spoken one proverb to Darcy--at Sir William Lucas's--a simple saying that can hardly lay claim to any Frenchified "eclat": '"Keep your breath to cool your porridge'" (27).
I suppose she Frenchified it when she ran off with Jack Talbot.
There is even a de Tirpitz, whose name seems to be a mysteriously Frenchified version of that famous admiral's.
2) From the ferment of this putridness swarmed a language altogether Frenchified as well, that made speaking of the economy with a sincerely Italian tongue nearly impossible.
They are Frenchified English, and Anglised French, who in returning to their respective countries, were caught by a storm that drove the two packets foul of each other, and sent the passengers here together.
But McNeil makes a strong case that the highlander is not so romanticized, and that "highlandism" is an open category almost requiring its enactment by outsiders: Fergus fails not as an outmoded Scot, but because (in the Napoleonic era) he is shockingly Frenchified.
He found "Jean," the Frenchified version of his Christian name, more congenial than the Finnish "Janne" of his baptism.
These words are in English, a form of mostly Frenchified Germanic speech.
I thought it was some kind of Frenchified term missing an apostrophe (ie, L'Evil Uniform).
A reader tells Mr Brocklebank about booking a table at a Frenchified city bistro three weeks before her visit.
His Magnificat was the culmination of the entire sequence, a work of impressive stature, though diction from the normally so eloquent choir, singing so naturally in Frenchified Latin pronunciation, was uncharacteristically foggy in this demanding acoustic.
poetry's role might be worthy of the Frenchified Augustan school
in the slightly Frenchified cloak and hat which he wore, or perhaps .