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make French in appearance or character

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become French in appearance or character

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The voracious eighteenth-century reader, gluttonous for frenchified trash, is easily compared to the devourer of a newly expansive cuisine influenced by continental flavors and techniques.
Best of the bunch was "Mustang" (which is nominated for a foreign-language Oscar), though there was also Maiwenn's "Mon roi," the Frenchified Florence Foster Jenkins biopic "Marguerite" and two holdovers from Cannes 2014, "L'il Quinquin" and "Girlhood" that finally opened in the U.
A passage in Henry VIII mocks the over-the-top affectations of Frenchified courtiers: an Englishman wonders, 'Is't possible the spells of France should juggle / Men into such strange mysteries?
Wild Frenchmen and Frenchified Indians: Material Culture and Race in Colonial Louisiana.
67) The efforts of such country visitors to acquire urbane manners were derided in Restoration comedies like William Wycherley's The Country Wife (1675), as well as by Rochester himself, notably through his invention of the ludicrously Frenchified "fine Lady" in the "Letter from Artemiza to Chloe.
In Philip Dawe's "A New fashion'd Head Dress for Young Misses of Three score and Ten," a macabre seventy-year-old is prettified by two fawning hairdressers--doubtless French (France being the fountain of affectation, and a frenchified persona a common pose among fashionable hairdressers, dancing masters, and upholsterers).
Sophie White's Wild Frenchmen and Frenchified Indians, for example, directs our attention to how "the process of cultural cross-dressing was foundational to the initially fluid ethnic, class, and racial elaborations" in New France (4).
11) For a fuller discussion of this episode, see Wilson, "An 'Organ for a Frenchified Doctrine': Jacques Maritain and The Criterion's Neo-Thomism.
Here many of the dishes would be recognisable to your gran, were she the sort of woman who ate out at slightly upmarket Frenchified restaurants back in the day.
And it's not called anything flowery or Frenchified - it's simply called The Vintage.
And what a surprise we got - as we entered the town, it seemed that just about every wall and Frenchified or otherwise building was decorated with red, white and blue flags and bunting.
The Education Secretary has abandoned his plans to force yet more change on the nation's children by adopting a Frenchified school exam system.
Or Frenchified his dead German guest, not with tongue but with cheek, cheek, cheek.
And though she found my Frenchified calf's livers admirable, my version of her chicken livers she found incomprehensible.
I suppose she Frenchified it when she ran off with Jack Talbot.