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12 In her Introduction to the French Caribbean, Beverly Ormerod describes the extent of frenchification in Guadeloupe and Martinique:
Readers of Tout-Monde who have been following the polemics surrounding the Creoliste group will note that Glissant eschews the Frenchification of Creole that characterizes the fiction and memoirs of Chamoiseau and Confiant, preferring to creolize his French.
Others point out that the almost total Frenchification of the country has made women prey to the acceptance of European moral values.
The Moroccan feminist leader, Fatima Mernissi, author of the book Al-Hareem Al-Siyasee, now banned in Morocco, responded when I suggested that her country would lose its language, traditional culture and history if the Frenchification policy continues: ~Do you want us to go back to Arabic so that our men could put us back behind the veil like they do in the Arab East?
Azim Mandjee, business advisor for Frenchification with the Quebec Office of the French Language, delivered a special keynote address outlining the rigorous process by which the software was tested to meet the government's language requirements.
Clerimont's potential infidelity, for instance, is not merely the sinful breaking of marital vows, but is inextricable from her Frenchification and her economic excess.