French and Indian War

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a war in North America between France and Britain (both aided by American Indian tribes)

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Witness dramatic skirmishes from the French-Indian War of the mid-18th century.
Several years before the 1770 epidemic, during the French-Indian War, British general Lord Jeffrey Amherst wrote a letter in which he discussed giving smallpox-contaminated blankets to North American Indians, and some historians believe the British actually did so (18).
Haunted by his part in the French-Indian war, he swears never to take up arms again.
95) combines three outstanding histories into one title: THE FRENCH-INDIAN WAR, THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, and THE WAR OF 1812.
Ralph Morden UE was a man who saw duty in the French-Indian Wars protecting the very people who hanged him for the minor indiscretion of helping a friend and neighbour, Robert Land UE, escape certain death at the hands of the Rebels.