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a Canadian descended from early French settlers and whose native language is French

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Stuart had joined the French-Canadian opposition in the Assembly and placed his knowledge of common law at their disposal.
Instead, the maple syrup porn phenomenon peaked locally with a rival production, Claude Fournier's Deux femmes en or (1970), which significantly stepped up Quebecois pride with cameos from French-Canadian celebrities and politicians.
However, there has been no effective development of an Anglican Ministry within the French-Canadian population.
The ensuing schools debate, in turn, fuelled French-Canadian nationalism.
He was hardly alone in learning French as a child: about half the families in Pugh's hometown were of French-Canadian descent, and when he graduated from Westbrook High School in 1915, this was very much on the minds of his friends and neighbors.
Europe's favourite performer was French-Canadian singer Celine Dion
TV5, the largest broadcaster of French-Canadian programs, may be moving to Paris after acquiring C$12 million from the Canadian federal government.
French-Canadian Trudeau took the nation by storm in the Sixties when he was hailed as the Kennedy of Canada.
It's the story of a twelve-year-old French-Canadian boy who creates a dream world and a new identity to escape the ugliness of his day-to-day existence and lunatic family.
The author's writing style does not reproduce the French-Canadian language of the 1830s.
As a whole, then, and tracked over time, a process as "natural" as childbirth has often demanded, or at least permitted, intervention, sometimes as much in home as in hospital births, in cities as in rural and outpost settings, in Aboriginal communities and among recently-arrived immigrants as among the native-born of both English and French-Canadian heritage.
Catherine, 514-523-4429), which is a big gay club abounding with beautiful French-Canadian suburbanites.
Following the 1837-38 rebellions, the ethnic concept of political communities took hold in English and French-Canadian circles, and the recognition of French as a language became synonymous with the destiny of the French-Canadian nation.
PSYCHO PSYCHO ALMOST CHRISTMAS Sky Movies Premiere 10PM PREMIERE Parolee Paul Giamatti takes a job selling Christmas trees in Brooklyn with fellow French-Canadian Paul Rudd.
Although this focus on French-Canadian tourism has roots on the campus of Plymouth State, it has rapidly expanded to encompass a diverse coalition of stakeholders both on- and off-campus and is now referred to collectively as "Bienvenue New Hampshire.
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