French vermouth

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dry pale amber variety


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Beginning in l987 he served as VP/Brand Director for Korbel Champagne and Noilly Prat French Vermouth, and later added responsibilities for all international cruise and duty free sales for F.
1 measure of French vermouth 1 measure of Scotch whisky 1 measure of Italian vermouth 2 dashes of Angostura bitters Mix the ingredients, then strain into a cocktail glass, squeeze in a little lemon-peel juice and garnish with a cherry.
Not as dry as French vermouth, it's great poured on the rocks.
The contest was designed to inspire original ethnic recipes using Noilly Prat French Vermouth, and it was open to professional chefs across the United States.
Add to a glass filled with ice, 1 1/2 parts Canadian Club whisky, 1 1/2 parts French Vermouth, two dashes of Angostura Bitters and garnish with a cherry (and an umbrella if you want to be really poxy
Brown-Forman Beverage Company Wine Brands currently markets a diverse portfolio of domestic and imported wine brands, including: Korbel Champagnes and Brandy, Bolla Italian Wines, Fontana Candida Italian Wines, Fontanafredda Italian Wines, Brolio Italian Wines, and Noilly Prat French Vermouth.