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telephone set with the mouthpiece and earpiece mounted on a single handle

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3 million pieces of French telephone data were recorded by the NSA between Dec 10, 2012 and Jan 8, 2013 were "shocking.
Restrictions on overseas calls into the French telephone system mean home-based fans have a much better chance of getting one of the 90 operators staffing the hotline.
The French telephone number every ticketless member of the Tartan Army needs to call on Wednesday is 00331 49 87 53 54.
He was instrumental in convincing German and French telephone giants to cough up $4.
By 1980, over 70 per cent of equipment ordered for the French telephone network was of the electronic TDM type, and since then all new equipment has comprised TDM switching units and compatible digital transmission systems.
3 million French telephone calls and emails in one 30-day period.
In February, Allocate, a French telephone company was awarded a US$149 million contract to install 400,000 new cellular connections by ICE.
When telling people your e-mail address over the phone you've got as much chance of them getting it right as you have of leaving your name correctly with a French telephone receptionist.
Construction will be done by Cegelec, a subsidiary of the large French telephone company Alcatel- Alsthom.
John LaMacchia, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cincinnati Bell, said that by taking these steps now, Cincinnati Bell will capture the future benefits of today's lower interest rates, improve the company's future cash flow, and more conservatively value its French telephone marketing business in its financial statements.
This may be partly explained by restrictions on overseas calls into the French telephone system.