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Synonyms for tarragon

aromatic perennial of southeastern Russia

fresh leaves (or leaves preserved in vinegar) used as seasoning

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The leaves of French tarragon are also longer and broader than its counterpart.
Since French tarragon does not really flower or develop seeds, the spiciness of its leaves is never compromised.
Hardy to Zone 3, French tarragon grows to 24 inches tall with stems that tend to sprawl.
A large clump of chives, oregano, thyme, French tarragon, lemon balm or any of the mints can be easily divided (roots intact) and used as starter plants for your herb garden.
And now the parsley, sage and French tarragon share space near the patio door with a tree peony and garlic chives.
For instance, French tarragon tastes wonderful, but it is also fantastic for breaking down oils in the body.
French tarragon is full of flavour but on the tender side.
While sharing woes about trying to grow French tarragon in the area, Brent suggested Texas tarragon as a respectable and less finicky choice.
Thyme, sage, rosemary, French tarragon and oregano like it hot; rocket, sorrel, mizuna, mustard, parsley and chervil prefer partial shade.
Gill's favourites are chervil and French tarragon, which she stuffs under the skin of chicken before roasting.
Parsley, rosemary, thyme, oregano, French tarragon and chives are just a few of the additional herbs that can grace your kitchen scent garden.