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narrow French stick loaf


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The French stick spoilt a successful week for Lohan, who was in London with Sam, below, to meet her girlfriend's mum ANN DEXTER-JONES.
Meanwhile, the French stick doggedly to their own stuff, and while they still make the best, they're missing out on all those lovely Australians and New Zealands and Chileans they could be enjoying
While no one was looking, he even helped himself to a piece of French stick with ham.
com/mikey2968 Mike's menu Breakfast: toasted fruit loaf with butter, 10-12 cups of coffee a day Lunch: pasta meal - spaghetti bolognese Dinner: french stick sandwich of some sort Snack: coffee and chocolate biscuits ADAM 'AJ' TAYLOR, 28, is a stationery salesman from Barry.
True, the French stick had the consistency of a Parisian policeman's baton, but at least it was cheap.
The dip came with sliced French stick rather than flatbread, which would have been a better match, I think.
A great meatloaf picnic idea is to slice a ciabatta or French stick lengthways.
She smiled benignly as if to assure me that the French stick she was holding wasn't loaded, but I knew the signs.
And as for soup - one of my favourites has to be French onion with cheesy French stick toasts floating on the top.
Unless it was Emmanuelle Beart on a French stick, of course.
People can be seen leaving with the daily paper, a lump of celeriac, and a French stick under one arm.
Cut the French stick into30 thin slices, on the angle.
As well as French stick, there was a selection of sun-dried tomato bread and a morish walnut bread with lots of nuts.
Slice the French stick and spread with the garlic butter, arrange the slices on top of the cassoulet and return to the oven.
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