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the glaze produced by repeated applications of French polish shellac

a varnish for wood consisting of shellac dissolved in alcohol

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1 in 5 companies in the UK French Polishing industry could change ownership as a result of the current economic climate, claims a new study by leading financial analysts Plimsoll.
I've done French Polishing since I left school and thought about starting my own business.
Ancient Egyptians used beeswax and it carried on through the centuries until French polishing became popular in Victorian period.
30am; Digital Art, Thursdays 10am-noon; Floral Art, Thursday 10am-noon; Indian Head Massage, Thursdays 6pm-8pm; French Polishing, Fridays 12.
WORKERS at Lewis's French polishing shop (above) take a well-earned break and pose for the camera.
Polishers also work for small firms, including companies that specialise in French polishing and furniture restoration.
Tenders are invited for Repairing and painting work in wall and ceiling including french polishing of
They told him: "You are under arrest for being drunk and disorderly and French polishing in public
MIDDLESBROUGH man Tom Stubbs has taken advantage of a government scheme to secure a full-time job as a traditional apprentice French polisher with Middlesbrough-based Charles Newmarch French Polishing Limited.
She then went on to run her own interior restoration business with services including redecoration, joinery, plaster work, French polishing, kitchen replacement and re-upholstery.
John Carmody, a French polishing lecturer at the centre, said: "We've had thousandss of people come to the course over the years but now if we don't get another 30 people signed up in the next week, we will be forced to close.
Head of one of Teesside's few French polishing firms, Mr Newmarch passed away peacefully at home, aged 77.
The Edinburgh-born star, who was learning French polishing, had no digs and ended up staying overnight at a coffin maker's in East Lothian.
By a complete coincidence, we are now only yards away from where my father originally started his French polishing business years ago.