French polish

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the glaze produced by repeated applications of French polish shellac

a varnish for wood consisting of shellac dissolved in alcohol

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OThe ultimate in sole recovery I for two hours my feet were soaked, scrubbed, slathered in a mask and cossetted in warm OslippersO before all the hard skin was filed away and my nails given a perfect French polish that didnOt budge after a week on a beach.
The range of nail treatments includes everything from a basic manicure to acrylics, gels, French polish and nail wraps in a wide range of designs, including many for the festive season including snowflakes.
And customers are quickly cottoning on to the gel revolution, which is available in French polish or colour, as pictured.
To nish, Rajwinder gives my nails an add-on treatment with a French polish (pounds 8).
A Designs on You II not only upholster but can repair timber, French polish and mend rattan chair backs.
This was followed by a French polish and a glistening top coat.
Long nails always look great with a French polish, but I wanted to bring it into the 21st century,' says our expert, Leighton Denny (see below).
French polish is the traditional way of finishing fine furniture.
David Johnstone, a furniture restorer who works at the Milkhope Centre, Seaton Burn says not every piece of furniture requires a French polish as spray-on lacquers were used from the 1930s onwards.
The Spa Pedicure is pounds 22, Indestructible French polish pounds 12, a Skin Hydrating Solar Manicure costs pounds 13 and a Tantrick tan pounds 20.
Pale pinks are flattering and it's a great base colour for a French polish.
The stylish French polish came next, carefully applied for perfectly neat finish.
ARSENAL and Liverpool shared the spoils as the French polish of Arsene Wenger and Gerard Houllier failed to shine.