French polish

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the glaze produced by repeated applications of French polish shellac

a varnish for wood consisting of shellac dissolved in alcohol

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Leighton's tip: `To create a neat French polish line, apply the white stripe then use a fine paintbrush dipped in polish remover to tidy it.
Treat yourself to a home French polish with this three step French Manicure Kit, pounds 10.
They can be used as a complete set or individually, and come in a French polish, which you can easily paint over with your favourite shade.
I spilt water on a cabinet, ruined the French polish and had to strip back to bare wood to re-polish, which is a long, skill-taxing job.
5) Conference Table made from 18mm marine ply with veneer & French polish size :
A Designs on You II not only upholster but can repair timber, French polish and mend rattan chair backs.
A leading 1900 Steinway Grand Piano would cost around pounds 30,000 - but comes "finished with the finest French polish, an incomparable sound and lasting beauty".
Tenders are invited for French Polish Including Specific Material Required In French Polish :- 1 Spirit.
Pale pinks are flattering and it's a great base colour for a French polish.
Tenders are invited for French Polish To Is: 348-1968 First Revision With Amdt.
And in just two days, he had the whole job polished off, including four layers of French polish on the bare floorboards.
These falsies have a pre-painted French polish finish, meaning your feet will look as good in strappy sandals as Victoria's.
For an extra five minutes you can have a French polish for pounds 10 or if you've got 45 minutes to spare, you could opt for a more extensive manicure which includes a hand massage for pounds 15.
HOW: To remove white water and heat marks from most highly polished surfaces, including varnish, French polish and lacquer.