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A shared suspicion of the letter 'h' probably sealed the deal (think how a Tyke pronounces the word 'hotel', then think how a French person says the same word).
Separate reports had said a Briton and a French person had been killed in the attack.
30pm) * ANY French person tuning into British culinary shows would probably be horrified by what they saw on screen.
This is why, whether we like Charlie Hebdo or not, every French person must this morning feel solidarity with a newspaper that, through its existence and the way it operates, expresses freedom of the press.
Only one French person in three now says they approve of the job being done by their president
However, cutting back to reality, over the past 12 years, the average French person has put on almost 7 lbs and almost 2 inches around the waist, due in part to the change in eating habits in towns and cities and the increasing prevalence of fast food.
A friend had said he'd double his sponsorship if I kissed the first French person I saw.
S16: One gets used to one's teacher and it is useful to speak with another French person.
How can a French person of Moroccan descent, for example, tolerate seeing the people of Gaza while they are being barbarically shelled and merely follow the painful scenes without boiling with anger?
France must change so that no French person feels like a stranger in his own country.
Seeing a Welsh person drinking a pint is like seeing a French person with a beret and a baguette, no?
30, 1938, edition reads, "Curley Promises to Name French Person on Staff" and the article was about the Democratic candidate for governor, James Michael Curley, who promised that his first major appointment after his election as governor would go to a Franco-American.
Check your watch and see how long a French person can spend drinking an Express (a tiny black coffee) - and how many cigarettes they can smoke while they drink it.
La France est de moins en moins une terre d'acceuil," muses the first French person whom he meets.