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the people of France


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In France during those dark days, when the French people lived under the Nazi jackboot, there were French men and women, very often the poorest peasants but the bravest of the brave, who risked everything to provide shelter and succour to British soldiers and others trapped in occupied France and we should be for ever grateful as a nation to these courageous French patriots who helped them.
He said bigness of countries accepted to EU membership caused hesitations in French people, noting that the same concerns and reactions were shown to Britain, Spain and Poland.
The regional elections in France have revealed the disappointment of the French people with politicians and their promises.
Three-quarters of the 3000 holidaymakers polled claimed that French people had been rude to them.
She was surprised to see that Americans do not live on a steady diet of hamburgers, as many French people suppose.
The French people have given a huge smack in the face to an entire system that has the nerve to tell us what to think," said France's leading "No" campaigner Philippe de Villiers.
Can I first of all say, as I said yesterday, tell President Bush our gratitude and our feelings of gratitude and our feelings of gratitude of the French people as a whole, in the context of the D-Day celebrations.
More than 200,000 French people are working in Britain.
MOST FRENCH PEOPLE devote their summers to quintessentially Gallic pursuits: celebrating Bastille Day, spending some of their mandatory eight-week vacation time, going on strike.
The official inquiry into why thousands of elderly French people died during the exceptional summer heatwave puts the blame partially on hospitals for letting too many doctors take August off.
Greuze might not be as well-known as other French artists, but his drawings and paintings of French people in everyday situations provide insight into how people lived in France in the 1700s.
UK Independence Party leader Jeffrey Titford MEP said it showed the "deep frustration felt by many French people at the loss of their country's sovereignty by stealth".
Irene Laure, a French-woman who went on to play a role in the heart-to-heart reconciliation of Germans and French people after World War II, once burned with hatred against all Germans--not just the Gestapo who had tortured her family.
Often, one of the first things French people visiting America remark upon is the large number of fat people they see here.
Most French people were, and probably still are, unaware of the preeminent qualifications Trautmann brings to her new post as Minister of Culture and Communications - the media have been more inclined to point out that she is the granddaughter of a Protestant minister, holds a theology degree, and has studied languages.