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any of various tropical American plants of the genus Tagetes widely cultivated for their showy yellow or orange flowers

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The low-growing Nugget or French marigolds, as well as the medium-size Inca and tallest Lady or African marigolds, do best when planted either before or after our long spell of hot weather.
Those marigolds you grow for their flowers -- large, solid-color pompoms in the case of the African marigolds (Tagetes erecta), and smaller, sometimes multicolored single or double flowers in the case of the French marigolds (T.
Half-hardy annuals also flower and die in the same year but are subject to frost damage, so are normally sown direct in the soil a little later during April and May These include French marigolds, nemesia and some forms of godetia.
And French marigolds, have some of the best hues around - despite the scorn some pundits heap upon their double heads.
The rate of seed growth can be a slow process so while plants are coming up from seed, get them planting flowering plants such as pansies and busy lizzies, geraniums (pelargoniums) and French marigolds.
French marigolds, impatiens, petunias, phlox and zinnias should be sown now.
The mother hover fly is especially attracted, before laying her mass of eggs, on French marigolds (Tagates) and the true marigold (Calendula officinalis), whose lovely petals can also be used to decorate salads.
SOW seeds of flowers, including sweet peas, Bells of Ireland, nemesia, tobacco plant, African and French marigolds and alyssum.
At this time of year, it's red pelargoniums and yellow French marigolds.
The vast array of garden marigolds traces back to three ancestors: African marigolds, French marigolds, and signet marigolds, all of which originated in the Americas.
Or there's the kind with a patch of grass and two token rows of dwarf French marigolds either side of the front path as a sign that summer is here.
Going back on what not to grow, I've noticed that French Marigolds in any other colour than good-old plain yellow have been devoured by snails, while African Marigolds have been left largely untouched.
Plant them with multiflora petunias, French marigolds and dwarf zinnias for a flower garden under 1 foot tall.
Expert tip: Keep greenhouse crops bug-free the natural way by planting French marigolds - whiteflies hate the smell of them.