French Foreign Legion

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a former foreign legion in the French army that was used for military duties outside of France

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Armed robber and former French Legionnaire William Varey, 50, was due to stand trial on drugs charges.
And the violent keep-fit fanatic and former French Legionnaire could soon be walking the streets again.
The programme crawled to an end gasping like a French Legionnaire for water.
As you can imagine, with armed French Legionnaires patrolling the boulevards, Paris is currently in need of some glamour and distraction.
Even before Sid and Lacombe's debut, 2D/3D chiller and Laetitia Casta starrer "Behind the Walls," hits French screens, the duo became attached for MK2's "Cameron," which sends contempo French Legionnaires back to 1943 France to battle German troops.
British "Tommies" have to learn to speak French, and French legionnaires will have to learn English - and the limits on the spirit of cooperation will no doubt be found at the entrance to every army, navy, and air force canteen.
A major operation involving more than 1,100 soldiers, including 800 French legionnaires as well as US and Afghan commandos, has been launched east of the Afghan capital, the AFP news agency has reported.
This year he spent three months in Port au Prince, Haiti, coaching former French Legionnaires in close personal protection to guard senior personnel of a major telecomms company.
Last night they were celebrating after beating the 1992 Transatlantic Rowing Record of 35 days, eight hours and 30 minutes set by French Legionnaires.
The French Legionnaires knew well the dangers of being left behind, and the association technology world is no different.
The French legionnaires, with players from eight different countries in their side, threw everything into the challenge of retrieving their respectability in the closing minutes.
Three French legionnaires were walking through the desert under a baking sun.
Abuzer and his raggedy fellow players are already having to change their repertoire under the dictates of the local commander, who also makes them dress in old French Legionnaires costumes instead of traditional Anatolian duds.