French lavender

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Synonyms for French lavender

Mediterranean plant with pale purple flowers that yields spike lavender oil

shrubby greyish lavender of southwestern Europe having usually reddish-purple flowers

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French lavenders are notoriously difficult to keep, says Lynne
CENSO is a sustainable development approach for the French lavender and lavandin essential oils sector.
Demand is quite high for Bulgarian lavender oil, it has a more interesting scent, a richer aroma, while French lavender oil has a more delicate base," Chikov explains.
STAR SCENT: Yankee Candle has a World Journeys Collection featuring French Lavender to evoke the tranquil scent of Provence's lavender fields, as well as a spicy clove, cinnamon and vanilla aroma for Madagascar Spice.
A few years later, Beth's sister landed in the hospital with a severe allergic reaction to a bar of French lavender soap from the grocery.
Zhena's Gypsy Tea's Red Lavender & Precious Lemon RooibosFor a taste of the exotic, try Zhena's Gypsy Tea's Red Lavender blend, containing Organic South African Red Bush and Organic French Lavender Blossoms.
Lemongrass, mint and rosemary wake you up better than a morning on the ski slopes and French lavender, geranium and juniper is sleeptastic.
Marble paving leads to a secret garden planted with herbs, vegetables and French lavender.
The Lavender Aphrodisia soap, a blend of French lavender and Indonesian patchouli essential oils, disappeared quickly at the office.
Garam masala, freeze-dried lemon grass stalks, wasabi powder, red curry powder, ground chipotle chile pepper, ground pasilla chile pepper and French lavender are just a few of the relative newcomers to the ranks of mainstream spices and seasonings on supermarket shelves.
The Scent Pak[TM] for the Scentsy Buddy is available in 15 scents, including Cucumber Lime, French Lavender and Sweet Pea and Vanilla.
The French Lavender Massage Oil with lavender essential oil from the south of France, with a natural relaxing scent that promotes a sense of well-being, will help him relax.
They are available in five fragrances: French Lavender, Wild Poppy, Beach Sage, Sweet Tangerine and Fresh Clover, and have a suggested retail price of $5.
French Lavender, Rosemary Mint and Pomegranate Acai are among fragrance features.
LOVE ROBYN xx SAVE DIFFUSER Voluspa champagne rose diffuser, John Lewis, PS30 HAND & LOTION SET Baylis & Harding French lavender gift set, Debenhams, PS10 CHEESEBOARDS Fromage cheese boards by Posh Totty Designs Interiors, www.