French lavender

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Synonyms for French lavender

Mediterranean plant with pale purple flowers that yields spike lavender oil

shrubby greyish lavender of southwestern Europe having usually reddish-purple flowers

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Marble paving leads to a secret garden planted with herbs, vegetables and French lavender.
The Lavender Aphrodisia soap, a blend of French lavender and Indonesian patchouli essential oils, disappeared quickly at the office.
Garam masala, freeze-dried lemon grass stalks, wasabi powder, red curry powder, ground chipotle chile pepper, ground pasilla chile pepper and French lavender are just a few of the relative newcomers to the ranks of mainstream spices and seasonings on supermarket shelves.
The Scent Pak[TM] for the Scentsy Buddy is available in 15 scents, including Cucumber Lime, French Lavender and Sweet Pea and Vanilla.
Just like Tiny's Tequila, Bungalow 23 uses the world's finest ingredients, such as: Willamette Valley Blueberries, Wenatchee Valley Pears, Salinas Valley Prickly Pears, French Lavender, Organic Agave, Ginger Root, Fresh Cilantro and Lemongrass.
Power Foam is available in three scents: French Lavender, Pink Grapefruit and Lemon Mint.
Infuse your laundry with the aroma of French lavender with Lavender Dryer Sachets by elizabethW, artisans in a perfumery on a hill.
99), method lemon ginger squirt + mop hard floor cleaner 739ml (PS3), method clementine washing up liquid 532ml (PS3), method eucalyptus mint bathroom cleaner 828ml (PS3), method mint glass cleaner 828ml (PS4), method French lavender gel hand wash 354ml (PS2.
Of course, no lavender aficionado could be without French lavender, L stoechas, with its light purple bracts on the tips of the flower spikes, which comes into its own slightly earlier than common lavender and looks brilliant in terracotta pots.
Crops that have deep cultural significance -- Spanish oranges, French lavender, Italian grapes - could be profoundly affected.
Bring the French lavender fields to her with L'Occitane's Shea Butter set.
French lavender and camomile deliver an unwinding scent perfect before bedtime.
For a particularly romantic fragrance try garden rose or French lavender.
Flank a path with English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), French lavender (L.