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But believe me, believe me, my simple-hearted friends, that in this highly moral verse, in this academical blessing to the world in general in the French language, is hidden the intensest gall and bitterness; but so well concealed is the venom, that I dare say the poet actually persuaded himself that his words were full of the tears of pardon and peace, instead of the bitterness of disappointment and malice, and so died in the delusion.
All I know of the rest of the evening is, that I heard the empress of my heart sing enchanted ballads in the French language, generally to the effect that, whatever was the matter, we ought always to dance, Ta ra la, Ta ra la
It was a long document, written in the French language, and containing twenty-six separate articles.
SOURCE Ontario French Language Educational Communications Authority (TFO)
The province is granting the University of Ottawa's request for partial designation as a French-language service provider under the French Language Services Act.
Intermediate Education Director in charge of French-language teaching Nujood Al-Dosary said that the students had been selected through interviews and school performance, stressing the ministry's resolve to continue promoting French language in Bahrain.
The fundamental mission of the Alliance Franaise of Saudi Arabia remains promoting the French language and the cultural diversity.
Dr Siddiqui appreciated French-language Department head Farah Sheikh for her dedication in promoting the French language.
This marks a very long presence of the French language and culture in this country, which has started as a sign of solidarity for the Macedonian people after the earthquake in Skopje.
KUWAIT, Nov 19 (KUNA) -- The Faculty of Arts at Kuwait University here on Wednesday inaugurated the French Language Department with the participation of French Embassy in Kuwait and some university professors and senior officials.
The meeting also discussed the institute's efforts in providing education opportunities for around 4000 Sudanese student to study the French language every year.
Summary: The Education Ministry decided Monday on the framework for a new French language educational achievement test to be administered to students in ninth grade.
Nozzle and spraying system specialists Bete is pleased to announce the launch of a new French language website.
Based on the positive outcome of the first event, Qatar University, the French Embassy and the French Institute decided to host a second seminar for professional teaching of French language, with the support of Total E&P Qatar and the French-Qatari School Voltaire.
Nevertheless, the French language dominates the upper echelons of the DRC's political, economic, and academic circles, which allows it to extend those circles into those of other French-speaking countries.