French knot

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a stitch made by looping the thread several times around the needle before inserting it into the fabric

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Each wore a strapless black shantung silk gown by Siri with a fitted bodice of small French knots and A-line skirt with a crystal brooch given by the bride.
Another must-see, says Chicago, is ``Get Into the Swing of Things,'' which is done entirely in tiny French knots by Candis Duncan Pomykala.
To finish, add French knots at 1/2-inch intervals around cushion's perimeter.
For an original design created by the cross stitcher, any stitch type can be used including: full, three-quarter, half, quarter, outline, French knots or custom stitches the user creates.
Upasana will wear a sheathed yellow and gold silk sari with a Swarovski encrusted border, zardozi French knots and tiny soldered stones with a rani pink corset blouse and tulle veil.
Susan Welsh's needlepoint pillows with exaggerated French knots are selling well for Goodwin Weavers, which licenses approximately 18 major artists.