French kiss

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an openmouthed kiss in which your tongue is inserted into the other's mouth

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Kim Moses, executive producer of French Kiss said: "We loved having the opportunity to work with Marriott in supporting its commitment to produce high-quality, entertaining content globally.
Welcoming the transaction, VIYM partner and co-founder Andrey Yakunin said that his company will support French Kiss throughout its investment programme, noting that the top-end chocolate and confectionery market in the country is growing.
At Paris Las Vegas, check out the party circuit with French Kiss at Risque Club, where your suggested-donation admission goes to the Liberace Foundation, the Gay and Lesbian Center and SNAPI (Las Vegas Pride).
It's totally French, of course, but more like an unwanted bristly peck than a true French kiss.
French kiss Barbara Waltejs on 20/20 without fear of a discouraging word.
Among the items developed by the two companies is a plush leather French Kiss chair; Art Deco-style coffee/tea service in silverplate; silverplated vases; a retro-looking lamp and clock; Art Deco mirror; luxury bedding; and a Bose home theater system.
JONNY SEXTON survived a French Kiss from Matthieu Basteraud to kick Ireland to victory over France last night - and set up a mammoth Six Nations showdown with England.
What we term a French kiss is known as an English kiss in India.
REVEREND AND THE MAKERS Silence Is Talking New single from forthcoming album A French Kiss In The Chaos.
Guess it's just one French kiss that was never meant to be.
In our current antagonism toward anything French, is it our intention to eliminate any reference to the ``French'' things in our daily lives, such as: French kiss, wine, cap, dressing, nails, twist, bread, toast, onion soup, maid, rolls, doors, windows, poodle, perfume, horn, dip, cuff and pastry.
It's not a French kiss or a slow dance or even an admission he's the author of that anonymous love letter.
It's called a French Kiss - a mix of Pernod, vodka and blackcurrant.
The only thing more surprising than the French kiss was that the bonobo, like the zookeeper, was male.