French kiss

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an openmouthed kiss in which your tongue is inserted into the other's mouth

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Said Kim Moses, Executive Producer of French Kiss, "Our experience working with Marriott was a creative dream.
Today, French Kiss occupies a confident position on the Russian market.
Kim Moses, executive producer of French Kiss said: "We loved having the opportunity to work with Marriott in supporting its commitment to produce high-quality, entertaining content globally.
With company growth projected at 40% year on year, we will be actively supporting French Kiss throughout the investment programme and working to achieve the company's aim of becoming Russia's number one player.
It's about finding something chaotic and this music is like a French kiss, something nice, a bit of sense.
French Kiss is no exception and appears to have all the ingredients for success.
Prices range from $24 for the small taper candle to $1,200 for the French Kiss chair, and $3,00 for a teak chaise in the section the company calls Bohemian Chic.
David Beebe, Vice President, Creative and Content Marketing at Marriott International explains, "Through short films like French Kiss, Marriott is able to capture the attention of consumers in a visually dynamic and compelling way.
JONNY SEXTON survived a French Kiss from Matthieu Basteraud to kick Ireland to victory over France last night - and set up a mammoth Six Nations showdown with England.
An average British teenager is aged 15 years and 2 months at their first French kiss.
What we term a French kiss is known as an English kiss in India.
Reno has starred in such high-profile American films as French Kiss (1995) with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline, Mission: Impossible (1996) with Tom Cruise, Ronin (1998) with Robert De Niro, and Godzilla (1998).
He said: "It's called A French Kiss In The Chaos and I'm very proud of it.
In our current antagonism toward anything French, is it our intention to eliminate any reference to the ``French'' things in our daily lives, such as: French kiss, wine, cap, dressing, nails, twist, bread, toast, onion soup, maid, rolls, doors, windows, poodle, perfume, horn, dip, cuff and pastry.