French horn

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a brass musical instrument consisting of a conical tube that is coiled into a spiral and played by means of valves


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To the rescue: Retired GP Dr Michael Weeks has donated his French horn to the orchestra.
He has played the French horn around the world with the Northern Sinfonia, based at The Sage Gateshead, for more than 20 years.
Online Watch video of Chris playing his French horn.
Joining her are the prize-winning Louis-Philippe Marsolais on French horn (he is currently Artistic Director of the Pentaedre Wind Quintet and co-principal horn with Montreal's Orchestre Metropolitan) and Michael McMahon, the much-in-demand collaborative pianist from Montreal.
The concert at both venues will also feature Haydn's jubilant Symphony No 70, followed by Mathias' Horn Concerto, which features BBC Now's principal French Horn player Tim Thorpe.
Andrew Turner, 15, from Hornby, near Northallerton, who plays the French horn, has been awarded pounds 500.
During two of Prokofiev's turbulent passages of deep, thundering tympani and French horn, 12 men, all wearing pumpkin heads, jump up one at a time in a circle.
Coady Willis: Or a French horn section we will, but we'll always have the core of us two.
Guttman, an accomplished musician with a passion for the French horn, brings more than 18 years of experience in the real estate field to her new position.
If a student mentioned an interest in playing the French horn, Robinson might write: "I look forward to hearing you on stage," he says.
My family's nightmare began when my parents and my 2-year-old nephew came to see me play French horn at a school concert honoring troops in Iraq.
Marion Oppelt loved the Mariners, roses, golfing, boating, his family and the French horn.
Meanwhile, a single note is heard, played in unison on string instruments and completed by a French horn.
Trained in piano, trumpet and French horn, Kirkpatrick transformed a love of performing music into a career in the business of art and culture.
The Aasen-Hull Hall concert includes everything from saxophone and French horn quartets to piano, violin and marimba.