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strips of potato fried in deep fat

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Ruffles Crispy Fries Potato Strips, available nationwide this month and just in time for National French Fry Day on July 13, are the first-ever French fry-shaped snacks sliced from real potatoes.
The events will help educate local french fry consumers about a brand new offering in the frozen food aisle.
It's unclear exactly who's responsible for creating National French Fry Day, but the french fry is thought to have originated in Belgium in the 17th Century, according to punchbowl.
It is not prohibitive, however, for the round tubers to be used in French fry processing so long as they meet the size specification [6].
USDA was quick to point out that the classification applies to commerce and not to nutrition, where a batter-coated French fry would be classed as a processed food.
A new rice french fry has up to 50% less fat than regular fries.
This new french fry has 25 to 50 percent less fat than regular fries, says ARS food technologist Ranjit Kadan, who is with the Southern Regional Research Center in New Orleans, Louisiana.
SAN DIEGO -- French fry connoisseurs are a most discerning sort, perhaps even more so than their wine-tasting counterparts.
Simplot Company - the company recognized for creating the frozen french fry market more than 50 years ago for the foodservice industry - has once again redefined the french fry experience with today's launch of CravOn (TM), its first "never fried" frozen french fry geared to the retail market.
Wendy's new fries, which was launched nationally in November 2010, were developed specifically to meet consumers' demand for a better-tasting, higher-quality French fry.
Patented deskinner and hydro cutting systems are supplied to major global french fry producers.
French fry processors require an assured supply of high quality potatoes for meeting restaurant needs.
Having the same name has created an uncommon bond between a retired french fry cook and a queen of daytime talk.
Great news for French fry lovers, Mimi's Cafe's zero-trans fat French fries, still offer the same taste, aroma and crispiness of the restaurant's traditional fries.
Designed to give French fry lovers a hotter, crispier taste experience with an enhanced potato flavor and texture, Wendy's new fries are the only ones to be offered by a national fast food chain with the natural "skin-on" cut and seasoned with sea salt.