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strips of potato fried in deep fat

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Harvey Anderson, PhD, Professor of Nutritional Sciences at University of Toronto, provided new data evaluating the effects of carbohydrate sources in meals on satiety and food intake in lean, healthy children, comparing rice, pasta, boiled mashed potatoes and baked or fried French fried potatoes served with 100 g (~3 oz) of lean beef.
is the manufacturer of the only vending machine capable of producing an order of freshly made, authentic French fried potatoes.
Orders are accompanied by house-made, creamy citrus pineapple coleslaw and crispy, french fried potatoes.
Aviko's Frideale chips, which contains 33% less fat and significantly less saturated fat than other french fried potatoes, provide an alternative choice for people concerned about fat intake.
As for the menu, there's the title sandwich, served the way Buffett describes it in song: "I like mine with lettuce and tomato, Heinz 57 and french fried potatoes, big kosher pickle It's joined by several other burgers, a cheeseburger pizza and a variety of Caribbean fare including jerk chicken, "Coral Reefer Crab Cakes," fried oysters, blackened tilapia and conch fritters.
The most commonly consumed fruits and vegetables are iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, French fried potatoes, bananas, and orange juice--not a wide variety supplying diverse nutrients.
manufactures French fried potatoes, appetizers and other products for military and industrial customers, as well as schools.
Entrees are served with a choice of two sides with choices that include French Fried Potatoes and steamed broccoli.
McCain Foods Limited, the largest producer of French fried potatoes in the world, has more than 55 plants on six continents, more than 20,000 employees and annual sales of more than $6 billion.
Inside, it was clean, air-conditioned cool and calm, making the stores completely conducive for consumers to relax while shopping for everything from oolong tea and live turtles to frozen dumplings, chicken wings, french fried potatoes and vegetables.
Contrary to popular opinion, French fried potatoes were consumed in moderation, averaging just one-half cup per week.
McCain is the world's largest processor or frozen French fried potatoes foods, selling its products in more than 110 countries.
French fried potatoes go well with ketchup, and lot of babies grow up to become fry eaters, so it would figure that the Ore-Ida retail business in the US will remain in the portfolio.