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formerly the basic unit of money in France

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The consultation is to: the purchase of street signs and panels French currency for the City of Nice.
The first mistake I made was getting into a card school with some older boys which resulted in me losing all of my French currency, 2,000 francs PETER SURTEES
Although the two CFA francs are legal tender only in their respective regions, each region's central bank maintains the same parity of its CFA franc against the French currency, and capital can move freely between the two regions.
One exhibit displays items soldiers were issued before the invasion - including French phrase books, French currency and condoms.
Some had no French currency left and even had to drink water from taps in the airport toilets.
Two centuries before television was described as a "licence to print money", John Law had even been given control of printing all French currency.
Poincare-la-Ruhr, the vindictive Germanophobe; Poincare-le-franc, the man who in 1928 devalued the French currency by 80 per cent.