French chalk

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a soft white compact talc used to mark cloth or to remove grease stains

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Messrs Bolckow and Vaughn built the steel works Which employed lots of men and women too You could hear their steel boots most times of the day But if you were polite they would give you French chalk.
We like to use a special French chalk paint, that has to be applied in a painstaking way.
Recordings were continuous - there was to be no planned editing, but if you made mistakes, editing was grudgingly allowed, as long as it was done with a razor blade and French chalk.
I expect they'll soon start putting talcum powder on their pool cues (no more perfidious French chalk for them), and instead of wearing French letters they'll start using padded envelopes (so they can come in a Jiffy).
Population dynamics of three gammarid species (Crustacea, Amphipoda) in French chalk stream.